Meeting Minutes

AVHOA Board of Directors Special Meeting
June 28, 2022
7 p.m., Warren Vieth residence

Russell Katigan, president
Garret Woods, vice president
Greg Kamp, treasurer
Warren Vieth, secretary
Tara LaClair, member at large

Sinkhole status
Katigan said he had met with Tom Gorman, the contractor who applied sealant to our streets, to discuss the sinkhole at the corner of 101st Street and Green Valley Road. Gorman recommended installing a tinhorn culvert pipe underneath the asphalt pavement across 101st to channel water drainage from the south to the north side of the street. Gorman said he would prepare an estimate for repairing the problem. The board later decided to seek estimates from other contractors.

Katigan said he had also requested an estimate for reinstalling the bullard post that was knocked down at the Green Valley entrance to our neighborhood. 

Katigan said Gorman had offered to contract with Apple Valley to provide road maintenance at no cost except for an annual premium. The board expressed interest in learning more about the maintenance program, but took no action.

Executive session
The board met in executive session to discuss a pending legal issue involving two homeowners. The board agreed to have one or more directors attend a June 30 hearing in Oklahoma County small claims court to explain that the homeowners association had no authority to get involved in the dispute.
The small claims case was dismissed at the June 30 hearing.

--Warren Vieth, Secretary

AVHOA Board of Directors Special Meeting
June 14, 2022
7 p.m., Warren Vieth residence

Russell Katigan, president
Garret Woods, vice president
Greg Kamp, treasurer
Warren Vieth, secretary
Tara LaClair, member at large

The board met in executive session to discuss a legal issue involving two adjacent homeowners. No action was taken.

--Warren Vieth, Secretary

AVHOA Second Quarter Board Meeting

May 12, 2022
Russell Katigan residence

Russell Katigan, president
Garret Woods, vice president
Greg Kamp, treasurer
Warren Vieth, secretary
Tara LaClair, member at large

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m.

Greenbelt Improvements
Katigan reported that Daniel Castaneda, owner of Daniel’s Lawn Service, had satisfactorily completed the initial clean-up of the central greenbelt and nature trail. Castaneda’s crews cleared a walking path for the entire length of the central greenbelt and installed a cement culvert pipe near the south entrance to help channel storm runoff. Katigan said one household had complained about standing water in the greenbelt area behind its residence. He said Castaneda might be able to fill the area with dirt to reduce the problem.

Vieth said he had been in touch with Joshua Seaman, the Boy Scout who wants to coordinate a greenbelt improvement project for his Eagle Scout award. Seaman told Vieth said he had been delayed somewhat, but hoped to submit a specific proposal within a week or two.

AVHOA Covenants
Covenant Committee Chair LaClair distributed a proposed draft of revised and consolidated AVHOA Covenants covering the entire neighborhood. The single document would replace three existing Covenant documents covering different portions of Apple Valley.

LaClair called attention to several specific issues that the board should consider in reviewing the proposed Covenants:

  • Should future enforcement efforts regarding outbuildings, fence materials and vehicle parking be more aggressive than in the past?
  • What kind of building materials and paint colors are acceptable for new and existing outbuildings?
  • Should AVHOA consider allowing four-vehicle attached garages instead of continuing to limit them to three vehicles?
  • What types of material should be allowed on fences visible from the street? Wrought iron only? Black chain link?
  • What should be done about existing outbuildings and fences that are not in compliance with existing Covenants?
  • What should be done about households that have RVs, trailers and other vehicles parked on lawns in areas visible from the street?
  • Should the Association assess liens against homeowners who fail to pay their annual dues or decline to make required property modifications?
  • Should preexisting violations be grandfathered for current homeowners, with changes required when properties are sold?

Katigan asked all board members to review the draft Covenants and provide feedback so they could be submitted to a vote at the next board meeting.

If the board approves the new Covenants, they will be submitted to a vote of all AVHOA members. Katigan said the board would need to schedule a special meeting of the Association to discuss the proposed revisions. At least two-thirds of all households must vote to approve the changes before they can take effect.

Entrance Security
Responding to requests by some homeowners to install gates at the two Hefner Road entrances, Katigan said it appeared that doing so would require a widening a short portion of Green Valley and Apple Valley Roads to allow vehicles to turn around and leave if necessary. Board members said it would make sense to survey homeowners to determine if they were willing to pay for gate installation and accompanying street modifications. Katigan and Woods said they would continue to research the issue. In the meantime, Katigan and Kamp said they would do more research on the possible installation of security cameras at the entrances.

Summer Kickoff
Katigan reviewed plans for the AVHOA Summer Kickoff event to be held from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 15, in the Bramble Bush cul-de-sac.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

--Warren Vieth, Secretary

AVHOA First Quarter Board Meeting

March 22, 2022
Russell Katigan residence

Russell Katigan, board member
Greg Kamp, board member
Warren Vieth, board member
Garret Woods, new board member
Chris Tytanic, outgoing board member
W.B. Smith, outgoing board member
Jamie Tytanic, resident
Tara LaClair, new board member

The board meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m., March 22, 2022.

New Officers
The following officers for 2022-2023 were nominated and elected by acclamation.
Russell Katigan, President
Garret Woods, Vice President
Greg Kamp, Treasurer
Warren Vieth, Secretary
Tara LaClair, Member at Large

Entrance Improvements
The board discussed recent work done by Daniel Castaneda’s Lawn Service at the two neighborhood entrances. Castaneda’s crew removed several dead bushes, installed six new dwarf shrubs and plants, and applied mulch in the two center islands. The total cost was $655, the amount included in Castaneda’s estimate for work to be done during 2022.
Katigan said the damage caused by a neighborhood resident who accidentally knocked down the metal bollard at the west entrance should be covered by his auto insurance. Castaneda placed the bollard back in the ground, but he did not repair the damaged asphalt.

Greenbelt Improvements
Vieth said he would continue to work with Castaneda to draft a contract for the expanded scope of landscaping work discussed during the 2022 Annual Meeting in February. In particular, the contract will define more precisely the initial clean-up of the central greenbelt and nature trail. Vieth will coordinate with Castaneda and Joshua Seaman, a neighborhood resident who wants to involve his Boy Scout troop in the greenbelt work as his Eagle Scout project.
Castaneda’s proposal calls for an initial brush-hog clean-up to create a walking trail at least 8 feet wide for the entire length of the central greenbelt, followed by eight mowings per year to keep it passable.

AVHOA Covenants
Katigan said Covenant Committee Chair LaClair would be distributing a proposed draft of revised and consolidated AVHOA Covenants covering the entire neighborhood. The single document would replace three existing Covenants covering different portions of Apple Valley. After the board reviews and approves the new Covenants, they will be submitted to a vote of all AVHOA members.

Pavement Repairs
Katigan said he would contact Tom Gorman of Gorman Paving to schedule repairs to the asphalt cave-in at the intersection of 101st Street and Green Valley Road. The paving was damaged by water drainage beneath the surface of the street. The repairs were postponed during the winter months.

Entrance Cameras
Following up on an issue raised during the Annual Meeting in February, Katigan said he was investigating the feasibility of installing video cameras on poles at each entrance on Hefner Road. The cameras would create a record of all vehicles entering and leaving the neighborhood and might help deter undesirable activity.

The board meeting was adjourned at 8:13 p.m.

--Warren Vieth, Secretary

AVHOA Annual Meeting
Feb. 15, 2022


Apple Valley board members and residents
(26 participants, representing 22 households)

Call to Order
7:05 p.m., Chris Tytanic presiding

Standing Board Members
• Chris Tytanic, President (term ending 2022)
• Greg Kamp, Treasurer (2023)
• Warren Vieth, Secretary (2024)
• W.B. Smith, Member at Large (2022)
• Russell Katigan, Vice President (2024)

Old Business
Smith moved to approve the minutes of the 2021 Annual Meeting.
The minutes were approved by show of hands.

New Business
Nominations were sought to replace board members Tytanic and Smith, whose 3-year terms were ending.
• Tara LaClair was nominated by Kamp.
• Garret Woods was nominated by Vieth.
Smith moved to approve both nominees.
LaClair and Woods were elected to the board by acclamation.

2021 Accomplishments
Smith reviewed the successful completion of the street-sealing project throughout the neighborhood and the need to repair the asphalt cave-in at the corner of 101st Street & Green Valley Road. He said the association was waiting for warmer weather to assess the pothole situation.
He also discussed the completed repair of the picket fence at the front entrances and the removal of trees facing Hefner Road to improve visibility. He said some fallen trees still needed to be removed east of the entrances.
Responding to a question from homeowner John Holbird about overgrown trees along Air Depot Boulevard, Smith said their removal would require expensive bulldozing or tree cutting.
Holbird responded that in the past, the neighborhood organized volunteer “work parties” to trim trees along that roadway. Tytanic suggested that Holbird chair a committee to address the problem along Air Depot and to report back to the board. Holbird agreed to do so.
Dale Longfellow asked whether it would make sense to hire a commercial tree-trimming company to remove the overhanging limbs. Rodney Lemons noted that the trees along Air Depot were trimmed a couple of years ago, and they already had overgrown the easement.
Whitney Katigan thanked neighborhood residents who helped organize and carry out the 2021 Summer Picnic, Fall Festival, and Holiday Event. She invited Apple Valley residents who are interested in planning 2022 neighborhood events to let her know, or to place a message on the AVHOA website (

2022 Priorities
Smith said the association intended to complete the tree removal project along Hefner Road and continue to assess drainage improvement needs throughout the neighborhood. He said two unusually hard rains during 2021 worsened drainage problems in some areas.
Vieth discussed the status of the neighborhood’s central greenbelt and Nature Trail. He said portions of the trail were currently impassable because of drainage washouts and vegetation overgrowth.
Vieth said the board had been in discussions with Daniel Castaneda, owner of Daniel’s Lawn Service, about expanding his firm’s existing entrance and greenbelt work to include an initial clean-up of the Nature Trail, followed by monthly mowing. Vieth said any residents who wanted to propose other potential contractors should contact the board by March 2.
Vieth introduced Joshua Seaman, an Apple Valley resident who wants to help clear the central greenbelt and restore the Nature Trail as his Eagle Scout service project. Seaman said he and other Scouts in Troop 121 would be willing to provide volunteer labor during the summer to complement the work done by Castaneda’s crews.
Several board members expressed support for the proposal. Vieth volunteered to serve as the association’s liaison with Seaman and Castaneda.
Resident Linda Edmondson suggested that the Nature Trail work also take into account the five pathways connecting the trail to Apple Valley and Green Valley Roads.

2022 Budget
Kamp outlined the association’s proposed 2022 budget. Total income was projected at $50,220, the same as for 2021. Total expenses were budgeted at $68,269, compared to budgeted 2021 expenses of $123,970 and actual expenses of $104,761. Kamp said the main reason for the projected decline in expenses was the absence of last year’s big street-sealing project.
Kamp noted that proposed 2022 expenses for common area and greenbelt maintenance had been increased to $15,000 to account for the proposed Nature Trail cleanup and maintenance. He said the amount budgeted for neighborhood events had been increased to $3,600.
Edmondson inquired whether the association intended to spend the $40,000 budgeted for drainage improvements last year, but not spent. She noted that the AT&T underground telephone line serving her home was dangling in open air across a washed-out drainage channel.
Smith said the $40,000 would be carried forward to 2022, providing flexibility to address drainage problems that might be identified during the greenbelt cleanup project.
Smith moved to approve the 2022 budget. It was adopted by show of hands.

Other Issues
Whitney Katigan said she and Russell Katigan were still contacting people who had not yet registered on the new AVHOA website: ( She encouraged residents who needed help signing up to contact her or Russell.
Smith recommended that the association consider a dues increase in 2023. He said the association’s annual dues, currently $450, have not increased in 5 years. Smith predicted that would not be enough to cover expected future expenses, especially street repaving. Smith suggested a $50 increase in 2023 to $500, followed by additional increases to reach a target level of $600.
Tytanic said that the Covenants Review Committee chaired by LaClair was working on a red-line draft of proposed revisions of the Apple Valley covenants. He said the draft would be submitted for approval by the Board and later by the all AVHOA members. He said the goal was to complete the review this summer.
Whitney Katigan said the Activities Committee was planning to have 2 or 3 big events during 2022. Smith noted that the neighborhood used to have a 4th of July lawnmower parade.
Smith reminded residents that controlled fires should be limited to fire pits. He said open fires and yard burns were not allowed.
Smith reported that the undeveloped lot at the corner of Air Depot and Hefner was damaged recently by a resident who drove a four-wheel ATV in circles on muddy soil. Smith said the 5-acre lot was owned by a private individual, not the association, and that trespassers would be liable for any damage they caused there.
Smith also noted that the Oklahoma City Council had approved a new dog ordinance prohibiting residents from leaving a dog outside for more than 30 minutes if the temperature falls below 32 degrees. He said violators could be subject to a $500 fine.

Questions and Concerns
Longfellow inquired whether the neighborhood could install entrance gates at the Green Valley Road and Apple Valley Road entrances. He said people living around him on Shady Glade Lane have noticed strangers driving or walking through the neighborhood late at night, pulling into driveways and checking car doors to see if they were open.
Smith said the gate issue had been raised in the past, and the association had determined that it could not install gates because there was no room for entrance lanes to prevent potential traffic backups on Hefner Road.
Smith said residents who notice suspicious activity should call 911 and report it to police. He encouraged neighbors to lock their vehicles and to remove any valuables, especially guns.
Castaneda and Smith suggested that residents be more proactive by asking unrecognized people what their business was in the neighborhood and to notify them that solicitors were not allowed.
Resident Abhi Kilkarni, whose home sits beside the Green Valley entrance, said he has observed many people driving too fast through the neighborhood. He and several other residents asked whether it might be possible to install more warning signs, street lights or cameras to deter problem behavior.

Tytanic moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 p.m.
Adjournment was approved by acclamation.

Chris Tytanic, President
Greg Kamp, Treasurer
Warren Vieth, Secretary
W.B. Smith, Member At Large
Gillian Air
Daniel Castaneda
Linda Edmondson
Blake Forcina
Mike Fox
Stephen Gary
Alan Hare
John, Virginia & Jennifer Holbird
Kirsten Holmes
Whitney Katigan
Abhi Kulkarni
Kurtis Lasater
Rodney Lemons
Dale Longfellow
Nicole Rihn
Joshua Seaman
Lisa Williams
Garret & Stephanie Woods

-Warren Vieth, Secretary

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